Gum Disease Symptoms

In addition to making it very difficult to put dental implants in place, bone loss can affect almost every aspect your everyday life. If bone loss has occurred, Dr. Nina Hirshman can perform a bone graft in Warrenton, VA for patients who are eligible. Without teeth, a patient’s life can be altered drastically. Here are just a few examples of how tooth and bone loss can change your everyday life:

The Way You Eat

When teeth are loosened or fall out, simple actions such as biting or chewing can be frustratingly difficult. In some cases, it might even be painful. Many patients adapt by altering their diet to include mostly processed foods that are softer and easier to chew. The problem is that this kind of diet is bad for both oral and physical health. Conditions such as gum disease, cavities, malnutrition, indigestion, and weight loss are common results.

Your Ability to Communicate

Without teeth, whether natural or dental implant supported, certain letters sounds that require tongue to tooth contact cannot be made. Many patients even develop a lisp that can further inhibit speech. Additionally, your tongue may want to expand and fill up the empty space. A larger, thicker tongue is harder to control and will likely cause further difficulty when speaking.

Head and Neck Pain

When bone loss causes tooth loss, the remaining natural teeth will begin to move and shift in order to fill the empty space. This often causes misalignment and can prevent the jaw from closing properly. As a result, pain in the head, neck, and jaw will often occur. If dental implants are placed before bone loss progresses after tooth loss, much of the above may be prevented.

Facial Appearance

Without teeth or dental implants, there is nothing to hold your lips and cheeks in place. Bone loss can cause these areas to sink inward and enhance signs of aging. In as little as five to seven years, a patient’s appearance can age significantly.

Even if you have experienced bone loss, dental implants may still be an option for you. To find out if you are eligible for bone regeneration techniques or bone grafting in Warrenton, VA, contact Dr. Hirshman and schedule your consultation today!